T.R.A.C. provides a safe place for youth with safe people who care about them!

James's Story

WHat is T.r.a.c?

T.R.A.C. aka Teen Reach Adventure Camp

T.R.A.C is a gender-specific summer camp where at-risk youth ages 12-15 experience the outdoors while participating in activities that improve trust, self-value and teamwork.


T.R.A.C. provides a safe place for youth with safe people who care about them!

We need your Help!

A donation of any amount helps get youth to camp – $425.00 completely sponsors a teen!

Click HERE to make your donation today. It’s quick and easy! Our Giving page explains all about the AZ Charitable Tax Credit and how it makes giving to qualifying charitable organizations a no brainer!

Share the donation links with your friends and family on social media – ask them to sponsor you or a youth.

— Campers

Chandler T.R.A.C. (Teen Reach Adventure Camp) is a 4-day, 3-night camp experience especially designed for at-risk youth 12-15 years old who may have experienced abuse, abandonment, neglect or other circumstances. The goal of each camp is to spend quality time with each teen, encouraging them to respect themselves and others, work as a team, have fun, be safe and make a difference.

— Staff

T.R.A.C. volunteers are interviewed, background checked and thoroughly trained in the T.R.A.C. policies and rules of interacting with teens at camp. All volunteers have a heart for these kids and work very hard to encourage a positive hope for the camper’s future.

— Effort

T.R.A.C. staff work throughout the year to raise funds to sponsor each camper and volunteer to attend camp. It takes close to $40,000.00 to host both camps! Without donations we cannot offer this opportunity to these teens.

Chantell's Story​

Chantell Stover is a graduate of both Royal Family KID Camp and Teen Reach Adventure Camp (T.R.A.C.). She is now a volunteer at a T.R.A.C. program in Nebraska.


Making A difference


Deadline is April 15th, 2024 in order to qualify for the 2023 tax year!