a program of Teen Reach (www.teenreach.org)

hosted by Crossroads Nazarene Church, Chandler, AZ
Chandler T.R.A.C. (www.chandlertrac.com)


Dear Foster Parents/Caseworkers,

At this time, we are accepting applications for our 2024 Teen Reach Adventure Camp (T.R.A.C.), which is a camp specifically designed for at-risk teens (ages 12–15) who have been or are currently in foster care, along with some kinship care situations. Space is limited and we accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Please fill out and submit the online application and other required items as soon as possible to ensure your teen a spot at camp.

If your teen is currently a foster child/ward of the state, we ask that you apply for a grant from Arizona Friends of Foster Children (AFFCF) https://www.affcf.org/awards/. This grant money, along with the year-round fundraising we do, allows us to offer this camp experience at little or no cost to foster families. On the AFFCF application, be sure to put Crossroads Nazarene Church as the “Vendor” (not T.R.A.C.). You may also download the following screenshot of this screen to upload to AFFCF for documentation purposes. After you apply, you will receive a confirmation email from AFFCF. Please include a copy of the confirmation email along with your application. You do not need to wait for the grant to be approved to secure a spot for camp, but you do need to follow-up with AFFCF to check the status of your application, because it cannot be completed until they receive confirmation from your DCS caseworker. We estimate the cost for each teen to be $425. Later, when you receive the check from AFFCF, send it to the mailing address below.

If your teen does not qualify for a grant because he/she is not currently in the foster care system, we ask that you include a $25 deposit, IF POSSIBLE, and we will attempt to cover the rest through our fundraising efforts. However, any donation you can provide will be appreciated. Please contact us if you have a need for financial assistance, because we want every teen to be able to attend camp!

We want to reach as many teens as possible, so please share information about T.R.A.C. to anyone you know who may benefit (other foster families, caseworkers, agencies, etc.). Please share our website, www.chandlertrac.com, with anyone interested. Thank you for everything you do for these teens. You are an incredible key to their success and participation at this camp. We appreciate your commitment to them.

If you are ready, please click the button to fill out an application.


Sandy Schaumburg
Child Placement Coordinator

Mailing Address For AFFCF Or Donation Checks:
Crossroads Nazarene Church
2950 West Ray Road
Chandler, AZ 85224

Fill Out An Application

Please read the letter on this page and then click the button below to fill out an application. Someone will reach out to you shortly after. Thank you!


Deadline is April 15th, 2024 in order to qualify for the 2023 tax year!